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Reverse art



Any cartoon cinematic or tv universe

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Characters in painting

Mini 4x6”

Small 11x14”

Medium 12x16”

Large 18x24”

Extra large 24x36”


Extra large pieces: up to 10 characters.
For large pieces: Up to 6 characters.
Small pieces up to 2 characters.
Characters from the same movie only.


Disney is my favorite thing ❤️✨


Your order could take 45+ days. Lead time varies due to seasonal traffic and the complexity of your request.


Need to designate a target delivery date? Please let me know and we can accommodate and quote any relevant expedite fees.


I love to freestyle, but maybe you have a specific idea or reference in mind. Let me know any details in the comments.


There's nothing I can't paint. Each piece is handpainted by me.

Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The images shown below are examples of what I've been asked to create by customers just like you!


Through experience, I've learned that shipping these pieces is very demanding, and to ensure the safety of your package; shipping insurance and frame were added to the price of your acrylic piece.



It makes me very happy to see how you display these; please don't forget to share!


Founded in 2021.

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  • Shipping

    Production time may vary.

    Delays may occur depending on the season. Might take up to three weeks to be delivered once it ships.

    All Acrylic pieces come with a frame and will be insured with USPS to ensure safe delivery.

Painting on the floor since 1997

Art of a Disney Fan was born from a dream. 

The desire to become a professional artist has been in my veins since I can remember. 

The work you see here isn’t just paintings. They’re my life, my passion, the juice that keeps me going.

Thank you for wanting to safe keep my pieces and allowing me to continue my passion. 💜