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Melanie Ventura

Human behind art of a Disney fan

There are a million things I can tell you about myself, but I will stick with how I began to draw. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to be an artist; in fact, there are many things I can’t really remember; that’s because of “Aphantasia,” which means my mind doesn’t have the ability to produce images. When you say, “picture an apple,” can you “see it”? - 

I always thought it was a metaphor, as when I close my eyes, all I see is black. 

But I didn’t know the name of this until I lost someone I really love, and trying to comfort me, a friend mentioned, “at least you can see her in your mind.” It was then that I first questioned that so-called “metaphor” and googled if people could actually see in their brains. To my surprise, instead of finding articles mentioning how unusual it was to “imagine,” I found a million pages saying how there are a few people who can’t. 

That’s when I confirmed why I could never recollect dreaming, why I never had access to childhood memories visually, and why I always depended on my hands to be able to “see” my thoughts. 

But all of this I just told you reflects me at 23. Still, little Mel started very young, wondering why she couldn’t just come up with new things from her mind, or why she couldn’t draw without reference but was so skilled at “copying”.

It saddened me to think I didn’t have “imagination” like other kids, or artists my age around me. Still, I knew my ability to portray the characters I loved so much wasn’t a usual thing, so I kept practicing. 

I only started selling my reverse-art paintings officially in 2021, so thank you for being part of my adventure. 

My work

Professionally, I began teaching kids how to draw since I was a teenager, and in summer camps, by the time I hit college, I had enough work experience of someone double my age.

Before the U.S., I painted many murals for nurseries and kid-oriented business and private bedrooms, it has always been a huge desire of mine to see my name listed as part of the mexican muralists.

Once in the U.S., I attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at TUFTS in Boston, but instead of learning more painting, I focused on aquiring skills I didn’t have from being self taught, like bookbinding, chilndren’s books illustration, and lots of history.

Fun fact! Art History is another one of my big passions, and my plan B in life was to become an art historian.

I then, worked in the human services, marketing, business, translating, and more, before I adventured myself to be a small business owner, yet I have so much more to learn, and I’m excited.

Mose’s Mural - Framingham, Ma.

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